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Cool 94.1 is local radio. Local radio is what more than 117,000 potential customers in Essex (MA) and Rockingham (NH) Counties, in the 45 and up age group, listen to. Think about it: that is from Rye Beach to Plum Island and inland. These people shop locally. We are involved everyday in their lives with our programming. We entertain them and make them smile.

Cool 94.1 plays the hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and, is truly a local radio station involved and focused on the community. We broadcast live via our remotes from such venues as classic car shows, car dealerships, local businesses, holiday events, and, for worthy causes such as helping our community food pantries. From the streets to the beach! Your message is crafted and sent from a local station that your customers know well and respect as, we do them.

Cool 94.1 offers more music than any other station on the seacoast and is the reason that you find Cool 94.1 on in many offices and businesses in the community.

Unlike other radio stations, Cool 94.1 never buries your spot with other spots. There is no spot clutter because every break is limited to one spot, YOUR SPOT!

Cool 94.1 augments your on-air business’ spots with our multimedia use of social media on the well known demographically friendly social media platform, Facebook, using images and video and, links back to your business web presence.

One of the measurements used when comparing advertising and marketing costs are PPM (Price Per Thousand).

Cool 94.1 is your best value among newspapers, TV, and magazines at only $3.40 PPM.  When compared to PPMs of local TV which is $10, newspapers $7, or magazines at $6.  If you advertise on cable TV, Cool 94.1 amplifies your TV buys by being present in your customer’s lives such as when they are driving to and from work when radio has your potential client’s attention. Our “signal” is available on the radio and via smart devices such as smart phones and speakers using the Internet.

For opportunities to promote your business and rates please contact Cheryl Soriano
Cell:     978-609-7280

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